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This quarterly database provides the means to identify List 1 Chemicals Registrants who are registered under the Comprehensive Methamphetamine Control Act (MCA) and the Domestic Chemical Diversion Control Act (DCDCA). Registration of businesses under these acts is an effort to better control the distribution of List 1 Chemicals that can be used in the manufacture of certain illegal drugs. Any company or individual doing business with the manufacturers, distributors, importers and exporters of List 1 Chemicals must verify the registration of these businesses. This database was created to simplify that verification.

To ensure a complete search of all List 1 Chemical manufacturers, distributors, importers and exporters, and to comply with DEA regulations regarding verification of the registration of these companies, this database includes not only MCA and DCDCA registrants, but also CSA registrants. Businesses registered under the CSA, who also deal with List 1 Chemicals, are included because they do not have to re-register under the MCA and DCDCA.
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