Notice to All DEA NTIS Subscribers: 

The National Technical Information Service (NTIS) would like to announce that effective as of November 17, 2020, the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) Controlled Substance Act (CSA) subscription service from NTIS will be terminated.

The DEA is the owner of the Controlled Substances Act Registration Information Database and the dataset contained within and have determined they will manage control and access to their data after November 17, 2020. The DEA will make the files available to all new and renewal registrants by way of the DEA Diversion Control Division website, under the Registration tab. 

For medical practitioner questions regarding the dataset or the dataset content management, please contact DEA Registration at 800-882-9539 or via email at For media/press inquiries regarding these DEA registration databases, please call 202-307-7977

Effective immediately NTIS will no longer accept new or renewal subscriptions for the DEA subscription service. Current NTIS subscription customers with remaining balance on their NTIS DEA subscription after the termination date, will receive a refund for the prorated amount and instructions on how to process your refund. In order to receive these important notices, please make sure your current NTIS account has the correct email address on file. 

NTIS appreciated the opportunity to have serviced you over the many years and trust that your 21st century access directly from DEA will continue to meet your professional needs. 

Thank you, 

NTIS Subscriptions Team

Fraudulent Prescriptions and/or Fraudulent Practitioner?
Pharmacists Alert!
The DEA (Drug Enforcement Administration) issues the following change in registrant renewal policy: Once a DEA number has expired, the time frame the registrant has to renew and retain their original DEA number HAS BEEN CHANGED FROM 7 MONTHS TO 30 DAYS.*
The Joint Commission considers DEANumber a Source Document for DEA number verification.
*Registrants are still not allowed to handle controlled substances if their DEA registration has expired.


The products advertised on this Web site contain the complete official Drug Enforcement Agency database of persons and organizations certified to handle controlled substances under the Controlled Substances Act. DEA authorizes the use of this database, and the inclusion of any individual or organization in the database, as proof of that entity's registration with the DEA.

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Whom to Contact

800-882-9539 | DEA website
if you have questions about a specific license(s) questions about DEA policies and/or procedures; if you have corrections to make to a DEA license; if you need to apply or renew for a DEA license.
Please DO NOT contact GIM or NTIS with questions or issues pertaining to individual license(s).
email NTIS
with questions about subscription and/or billing. To place an order by mail or fax download the Order Form.

800-538-3539 | email GIM
With questions about using your account; if you need help using the website: or other technical support questions.
Please consult the FAQ before contacting GIM.
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