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Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) Controlled Substances Act Registration Database Record Content

The following information is contained in each DEA record:
Field Name: Notes:
DEA Registration Number
Business Activity Code (BAC)
Every record is assigned one of the following Business Activity Codes:
A - Pharmacy
B - Hospital/Clinic
C - Practitioner
D - Teaching Institution
E - Manufacturer
F - Distributor
G - Researcher
H - Analytical Lab
J - Importer
K - Exporter
M - Mid-Level Practitioner
N, P, R, S, T, U - Narcotic Treatment Programs
Business Activity Sub Code (BASC)
1 - Office Based Opioid Treatment
1 - Central Fill Pharmacy
1 - Research - Dog
2 - Practitioner - Military
3 - Chain Pharmacy
4 - Automated Displensing System
Drug Schedule Drug Schedule Information
Expiration Date
Name of Company or Individual
Additional Company Information
Street Address
City, State, and Zip Code
Active - the registrant is authorized handling of controlled substances in the schedules.
Inactive - the registrant is not authorized handling of controlled substances in any schedule.

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